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its called a heart attack....ENJOY!

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Q: What is causing left arm little finger to go numb and left arm weak?
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What will cause the left hand to be numb and the finger and body very cold?

If your left hand is going to numb and the finger and body are very cold, you may have poor circulation. You may also be ill so seeing a doctor is important.

What would cause your pinky finger and ring finger go numb also left leg down to your foot slightly?

Poor circulation!

Why would your baby finger go numb?

If its a baby how do you know its numb?

You hit your finger with a hammer and finger goes numb why is it numb- at least for short period of time?

Probably due to damage of the nerve cells in your finger.

Why is your left pinky numb?

If a person's finger is numb, it may be that they have been writing or using their cellphone for too long. Another possible explanation is that they may have a problem with the nerves in that finger. Any numbness or tingling should be reported to a physician immediately.

How do you test purity heroin?

there are cheap color reagents for opates sold on internet that will give an idea if it is real or not...otherwise you can try to turn it from salt to a base with ammonia (a simple reaction), base is not water soluble, impurities are. And if you have access to specrtrometr that's the best way!

Loss of feeling in left pinky finger no damage just a numb finger?

Generally a numb pinky, and one that may or may not include part of your ring finger and part of your palm beneath those fingers, can be traced o a pinched nerve in your elbow. When this nerve is irritated or compressed it causes your pinky and some of your ring finger to go numb, especially when your elbow is bent for a little while. Numbness of the other fingers and/or hand can be traced to a different nerve, or perhaps carpal tunnel, but generally when it mostly is just your little finger involved it is a particular nerve pinched at your elbow If this is the case, try to refrain from keep your elbows bent while sleeping, driving, talking on phone.... It should help relieve some of it . Hope this helps!

What if your index finger is turning blue and very numb what is wrong?

go to the doctor. the bloods not flowing to you finger.

If you lick your finger and dip it in cocaine then put your finger on your lip and it gets numb is that considered trying it?


Left arm numb and left leg numb?

Call a doctor or go to the ER. These can be symptoms of a stroke.

What does it mean when your left cheek is numb?

I do not know My left cheek is numb too. Has been for about 2 weeks.

Why would index finger on left hand turn blue and numb?

because you may have a deep infection and it may need amputation depepending on how bad the in fection is

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