What is antagonistic reaction?

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its what happens when a drug decreases the effect of another drug

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Q: What is antagonistic reaction?
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What is an example of a sentence with the word antagonistic?

Theodore's actions were unneccesarily antagonistic. The antagonistic detective was very scary to the people he was questioning. The small child displayed antagonistic tendencies. Her father was antagonistic.

Are the trapezium and sternocleidomastoid synergistic or antagonistic?


Does the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system have more control?

The sympathetic division as it can override the parasympathetic, but not vice versaboth are antagonistic to each otherbut parasympethatic system decreases the rates of the reaction in most of the cases but the sympethatic system increase the rates of the reaction although both are antagonistic to each otherfor more informationdr.khizar matloob+923336333015

Why is it called antagonistic?

Contending or acting against; as, antagonistic forces

Does antagonistic mean stubborn?

Not exactly. "Antagonistic" means hostile.

Are the muscles of a chickens wing antagonistic?

The muscles of a chickens wing are antagonistic. Antagonistic muscles are the ones that oppose a specific type of movement.

Antagonistic pairs what does it mean?

which two pairs of muscles are antagonistic pairs?

Are insulin and glucagon antagonistic hormones?

Yes insulin and glucagon are antagonistic hormones, as they antagonize, or incite a reaction, the liver into transforming glucose into glycogen when the blood sugar levels are high (insulin), and transforming glycogen into glucose when the blood sugar levels are low (glucagon).

What is a sentence for antagonistic?

The voters grew more and more antagonistic as the economy continued to slip into a depression. Synonyms for antagonistic are hostile, unfriendly, and combative.

The effects of the two systems are mostly .cooperative or antagonistic. to one another?


Can you put the word antagonistic in a sentence?

his antagonistic ways pushed his friends away

What part of speech is the word antagonistic?

The word antagonistic is an adjective. It refers to be acting against.

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