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round white pill 105

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2014-12-02 18:26:58
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Q: What is a small white round pill with 105 on one side and a wavy logo on the other?
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Does LSD have a smiley face on it?

LSD Tabs come in a huge range of designs. Similar to ecstasy pills, a specific logo or picture or symbol is generally used on every pill/tab in a batch to denote that they're part of that batch. In this way, the user has a better idea of what to expect (provided they have had that design/logo before, or they have heard something about it elsewhere).

What colour is ecstasy pills?

Pressed pills sold as Ecstasy are colored by the food color dyes they use when creating large batches of pills. These are often used to distinguish 1 batch of pills (yellow) from a later created batch (blue), but can have the same logo (stamp) from the pressing process.

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