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Q: What is a person called that has more than one sexual partner?
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What is a person with two wives or husbands called?

A person who has more than one partner at the same time. Polygamist

Is genital warts caused by having more then 1 sexual partner at a time?


Could someone explain Polyamorous dating?

You want a relationship involving more than one partner. Of course the relationship would first require the consent of every partner, but you must make sure this is what you desire. Is it that you want to LOVE more than one person or do you wish to have sexual relations with more than one person?

What does promiscuious mean?

in personal terms it is someone who likes to have more than one sexual partner

Does having more than one sexuall partner indicate being sexually active?

Having a single sexual partner is being sexually active.

How do you become more attracted to your partner?

You can't get more attracted. You have to truly love the person.

What is a relationship with more than one partner called?


Does a deaf person feel more sexual pleasure than a hearing person?


Can it be medically proved that a person has sexual relations with more than one person?

yes it can

Why is the middle finger longer than the rest of the fingers?

Dr. Phil claimed on the Conan O'Brien show 11-15-11 that if your middle finger is longest on your hand, than you are a more sexual person and are more likely to cheat on a partner.

If you are bisexual can you go out with a boy and girl at the same time?

Yes, you can date more than one person, no matter your sexual orientation. Being bisexual means you are attracted to more than one gender, not that you necessarily have more than one partner at a time.

If a socially inept person meets an outgoing person will they become more outgoing?

* It's very common for a more reserved person to have a partner that is more extroverted and yes, it's very possible that the reserved person will become more open with other people by learning from their partner, but, the reserved person will still never be as extroverted as their partner. Each individual has a different personality and if all people were the same it would be a very boring world.

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