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Q: What is a disadvantage of flu rapid test technology?
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What is a disadvantage of flu rapid-test technology?


How long after exhibiting symptoms of the flu or swine flu does the nasal swab rapid flu test work?

Well, I really do recommend buying a Nintendo Wii.

Should you get a ppd shot if you were sick recently with flu?

The PPD is a test for exposure to tuberculosis. There is no reason not to get this test if you were recently stick with the flu.

How you will confirm you have Swine Flu or not?

Go to the doctor and get tested. Then, send the test to the CDC to make it official. If the test is positive, you have swine flu.

If a person been tested positive with H1N1 does that person need to get the vaccine for H1N1?

If the correct test was done to confirm the H1N1, then, no there is no need to take it again. But if you are not absolutely sure that the test confirmed the A-H1N1/09 flu, then it will do no harm to take the vaccine. The only test that can be relied upon to be an absolute indicator of the vaccination is the RT-PCR test, and not the rapid tests done in the doctor's offices. you should have some immunity against 2009 H1N1 flu and can choose not to get the 2009 H1N1 vaccine.

Can a flu jab affect a pregnancy test?

No way

When you take a flu shot do you take your urine test?

no they do not

What is the rhino virus for the Howrse test?

It's equine flu.

What happen when MCV and RDW is high in blood test?

You have the flu.

Where was the avian flu first detected?

Avian flu must have been common in developing world. But it was obviously detected in developed world. As they had a technology to detect it.

What are the disadvantage of technology?

What are the disadvantages of technology?there are non No, there can make people lazier; like children playing on the computer instead of studying, technology can make pollution; the smoke or gas of factories and cars, technology can harm the environment.The advantages and the disadvantages of technology are simple. A very good advantage of technology is that we can find out things about the solar system , or maybe we can find cures for cancer, or the swine flu. But also there are many disadvantages. Like it may cost a lot of money to get the technology to find out these things, or the answers or discoveries that the technology gives us, may not be always correct. Terrerist can use these technologies in destroying cities/towns.Everything in this world has advantages and disadvantages. What makes the difference is how to apply them properly, correctly.

If I test positive for the seasonal flu could I still have Swine Flu?

Possible but the viruses are very similar, if your body is already fighting seasonal flu chances are it will be more effective at combating swine flu anyway.

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