What is a contemporary term for addiction?

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Today, ABUSER is a term thrown around in the drug rehabilitation clinics. Also chemical dependency is another one.

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Q: What is a contemporary term for addiction?
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Is there a term for puzzle addiction?

From what I now no there is not a term for puzzle addiction

What are the contemporary threats to marriage and the family?

Infidelity, debt, alcoholism, drug addiction just to name a few.

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What are the term related to drug dependence?

It is drug addiction.

What is the scientific term for someone with a coffee addiction?

The term for a person who is addicted to coffee is Caffeineaholic.

What are the long term effects for drinking alcohol?

Addiction, destruction of the liver, andall the short term conditions more often due to addiction. May even result in death.

What is the medical term meaning strong dependence on a drug?


What is it called when you are addicted to a computer?

The term that is coming into vogue is "Internet addiction," although it is questionable whether or not it constitutes an actual addiction.

What is multi-addiction?

Multi-addiction refers to addiction to more than one substance, process, or a combination of both. Poly-substance dependence is the term often used to describe addiction to more than one substance.

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What are the effects of codeine?

addiction is what you will get with long term use of codeine its an opiad

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Contemporary figure is a term used in the art field. Contemporary means something that occurs or happens at the same time so contemporary figures are art figures that happened in the same time frame or era.

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