What is Watson 853?

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The pill that has the imprint Watson 853 is a acetaminophen/hydrocodone. This pill is only prescribed by doctors for pain.

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Q: What is Watson 853?
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What is the steet value for Watson 853?

What is the street value for watson 853.

What is stronger M357 or Watson 853?

Watson 853 because of higher concentration of hydrocodone.

What is in the Watson 853?

If the Watson 853 is green then it is a 12.5/500 Hydrocodone/12.5mgs Acetaminophen/500mgs.

Identify pill Watson 853?

The pill that has Watson 853 on it is a Hydrocodone 325 mg. This pill is used to treat pain.

Can you take suboxone and Watson 853 together?

No you cannot and should not take Watson 853 and Suboxone together. Watson 853 is Hydrocodone 10/325 which is Vicodin. You will not get high, you will just get sick or possibly overdose and die.

What country makes Watson 853?

Go to: Hope that helps!

How long does Watson 853 stay in your system?

The half life of a Watson 853 is around 6 hours. It can be detected in your blood for up to 72 hours, though.

What yellow pill has Watson 835 on it?

none at all. now, Watson 853 yellow is pure gold

What is the Watson 853 dosage equivalent to the vicodin dosage?

1000 mg

How does Watson 853 show up in a drug test?

opiates (hydrocodone)

What kind of a pain pill is Watson 853?

'Watson 853' refers to the imprint of a narcotic analgesic drug. The pill is oblong, scored, and of pale yellow color and is manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. It contains 10 mg hydrocodone bitartrate and 325 mg APAP (acetaminophen a.k.a. "Tylenol") In fact, 'Watson 853' is a generic version of name brands Vicodin, Norco and Lortab.

How much does it cost to buy Watson 853 on the streets?

about 4.50-5.00 depending

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