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Yes..I would see a doc if I were you.

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Q: What if your finger was injured and the knuckle is painful to touch could it be broken My hand also hurts when I touch cold things.?
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What is the knuckle on your finger called?


If a pinky knuckle is broken what are the symptoms?

I'm pretty sure there are no symptoms. You will know if your pinky is broken IF....There is no swelling, no pain, and it works normally. Those are clear signs of a broken finger.

What is a knuckle?

A joint in the finger

What is 1 inch long?

Lots of things. A standard way to measure one inch is to use the second knuckle of your index finger. (The first knuckle would be defined as from the tip of your finger to your knuckle, then the second would be from that knuckle to the next.)

What is A joint in the finger that starts k?


What is the sentence of straight finger?

If you can't make a suitable splint, wrap or tape your broken finger to the straight finger next to it.Answer:His straight finger was silent testimony to the plastic surgery he had had after his hand was injured in the auto accident.

Is it normal to be missing a knuckle on your ring finger?

Well . . . I'm missing a knuckle on my ring finger, it functions normally. My ring finger is shorter than my index finger and it's shorter Than the ring finger on my right hand. If you have the same prob I can tell you why. Your finger is shorter because you have a knuckle, it's just pushed back into your hand. Look real close. Plus my finger is just a little fatter than the other finger.

What is the loss of middle finger to the knuckle worth?


Why does your thumb bend behind your pointer finger knuckle?

If it does your special!

Can you loose your knuckle?

I'm missing a knuckle on my left hand, it's my ring finger. One day I put my hand into a fist and I noticed there was no knuckle. My hands functions normally but there's just a gap where my knuckle is supposed to be. Also when I put my hands together the ring finger is shorter than the ring finger on my right hand. I've never hurt my hand before!