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what hppens whenType your cut off your testicle ciculation off

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Q: What happens when you cut off your testicles circulation?
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What happens when your circulation is cut off?


What happens if you cut off the circulation in your finger?

You can feel pain and off course theirs a blood clot.

What happens if you cut off circulation to your finger?

the tissues being deprived of oxygen will begin to die

What color does your tongue turn when you cut off the circulation?

cut off the circulation of your finger and you tell me they have the same principle

Can gummy bracelets cut off your circulation?

Yes, if the gummy bracelets are too tight, they can cut off your circulation

Can a band-aid cut off your circulation?

Yes, band-aids can cut off your circulation, but only if they are wrapped around something, like a finger or toe. They cannot cut off your circulation if they aren't wrapped around anything. Hope this helps!!!!! :-)

I have a fear that I'm going to cut off my blood circulation to a limb what's it called?

If you cut off circulation you are cutting off the blood supply which will cut off all oxygen as well and the limb will start to die.

If a snakes head is cut off will it grow back?

Its the same as a human. If you cut off the head you cut off circulation to the brain so no

What is it called when a dogs testicles get cut off?

A male dog has been Neutered.

What happens if you cut off the circulation in your hand?

First your hand will start fo numb to where you can't feel anything. You will then loose usage of your hand, and then it will start to turn purple from lack of blood circulation.

URGENT IMPORTANT If your dog bites off your testicles can they be sown back on?

No, testicles can only be reattached if they are sliced off with a sharp cut and if they are not exposed to bacteria. A dog's bite is more of a tearing type cut, and there will be lots of bacteria.

Can silly bands cut you're hand of?

No, but It Could cut circulation to your hand off.

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