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Nothing will happen.

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Q: What happens if you put your finger in your mouth after fingering yourself?
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Can you catch a disease by fingering the vagina?

only if you put your finger in your mouth or near your dick after you touch it

What happens after getting fingered?

Fingering is part of a sexual contact. It is unlikely that aids will be spread. mouth to genital contact will spread aids.

How do you get rid of a throw up feeling?

Go to the bathroom, face the toilet, stick a finger in your mouth to gag yourself, and you will throw up and feel better! (after you clean your mouth, of course)

How does one throw up on demand?

you stick your finger into your mouth so it goes to the back of your mouth then you will throw up you stick your finger into your mouth so it goes to the back of your mouth then you will throw up

How do you take out the habit of putting finger in your mouth like babies?

If one has this habit, they must consciously stop putting their finger in their mouth.

Is your mouth and finger DNA the same?

All cells have DNA in them. If you take cells from your mouth and finger they would have the same genetic code.

How do you bite you?

Step 1: Raise arm Step 2: Put pointer finger up Step 3: Open mouth Step 4: Put finger in mouth Step 5: Close mouth Step 6: Bite your finger

Why water does not spill out from a straw if you close its mouth with a finger?

When you hold the mouth closed then it will spill out, but after you sucked it and put your finger in its mouth... that's a diffrent story. You see the finger traps the air for escaping, which makes the water more active, since its squished toghther.

How is wind grade defined?

by putting your finger in your mouth and taking it out and if your finger drys that means it is not cold

Can you get chlamydia if you finger someone and put your finger in your mouth?

It may be possible, but it isn't very likely.

What is the weirdest thing you've had in your mouth?

the dentists finger

How do you feed furby?

all you do is put your finger in its mouth

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