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the tissues being deprived of oxygen will begin to die

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Q: What happens if you cut off circulation to your finger?
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What happens if you cut off the circulation in your finger?

You can feel pain and off course theirs a blood clot.

What color does your tongue turn when you cut off the circulation?

cut off the circulation of your finger and you tell me they have the same principle

What happens when your circulation is cut off?


What is the human circulation?

Human circulation is about blood. Like if you sqweeze your finger, it will ture puple, that is because you cut off it's circulation.

What happens when you cut off your testicles circulation?

what hppens whenType your cut off your testicle ciculation off

Can a band-aid cut off your circulation?

Yes, band-aids can cut off your circulation, but only if they are wrapped around something, like a finger or toe. They cannot cut off your circulation if they aren't wrapped around anything. Hope this helps!!!!! :-)

What happens when the end of your finger is starting to die?

it gets cut off

How do you get circulation back to your fingers?

just keep wiggling your finger. if you have cut off the blood supply, by moving your finger your muscles need oxygen, with the blood takes there. therefore starting circulation again

Can you turn a regular silly band into a ring?

UMM well you can take a silly band and rap it around your finger if you want a ring. But if you rap it to tight it could cut of your circulation and you could have to get your finger cut off.

Can gummy bracelets cut off your circulation?

Yes, if the gummy bracelets are too tight, they can cut off your circulation

How do you cut your finger off?

well the first thing that u want to do is make sure your finger is not breathing or talking. Get a plastic fork place it on your finger and there you go, cut the finger off. But only cut it off when there is no life in your finger.

What happens if you cut off your middle finger?

You'll bleed but survive it can be reattached if done soon enough

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