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Doctors who treat skin problems are called "dermatologists". That's probably what you're referring to.

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Q: What does the doctor call that take care of lump on the left side on neck?
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What is a lump under the left breast?

A lump under your breast is a warning that you need to see your doctor. Even if you are a man, a lump could still be cancer.

What is a lump behind babies left ear?

If that lump just showed up, it would seem to be something abnormal. Discuss this with your child's doctor.

What kind of doctor should you see if you find a lump in your side?

Go to your primary care doctor who can decide if you need to go to a specialist.

What is wrong if for the past 2 years you have had a painless lump behind your left ear and have low wbc and 6 months ago a lump in left breast?

As you know you have a low wbc count you must have been to the doctor. what did he/she say? I have had a lump behind my ear for years and it is nothing, but when I had a lump in my breast I was at the doctor within 3 days. 90% of breast lumps are innocent, but you should still go to the doctor.

What kind of doctor do you need for a lump in your arm?

If you have a lump, it makes sense to start with your primary care provider. They can do the initial history, physical, and testing to find out what, if any, specialty care makes the most sense.

You discovered a hard lump on the back of your skull on the left side it is hard and is right on the bone that you can naturally feel on both sides but the left side has a lump on it no head injury?


What would a hard lump on a child's left jawline be?

A very important question for a professional doctor to answer

What would a lump be or what would you call it?

an unidentifiable substance forming a lump. I would call it a.......lump.

If your 14 and have recently found a lump under your right armpit. and lastnight you found a smaller lump also. what should you do?

call the doctor!??? might just be glands?

Painful lump on left side of the head followed by nausea and sore ear?

See a doctor immediately.

Painless lump in upper left abdomen?

Any lumps should be checked by a doctor. It could be nothing but keep this in mind, cancer isn't painful in the lump stage.

What is the hard lump behind my left ear which I have had for 2 months?

For anybody to say what the lump is they would have to see the lump. Nobody here can comment on something they cannot see. So the best thing for you to do is go to a doctor.

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