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it depends on how fat you are. it might be too much work.

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Q: What does the body prefer to burn glycogen or fat for energy?
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What happens when carbs aren't used immedietly?

When you eat more carbohydrates than your body needs for energy your body will break it down into glucose and then rebuild it in the liver as glycogen. The glycogen is stored in the liver and muscles. Then when you need more energy than you have eaten in carbohydrates your body breaks down the stored glycogen into glucose and you burn the glucose for energy.

What order does the body prefer to burn the macronutrients?

Its breaks the food down to your cell then your cell combust it to energy

Is it true that a lack of carbohydrates causes your body to burn fat to replace the lacking glycogen?

Pretty much.

What is the primary energy source for aerobic exercise?

For the first 45 minutes its glycogen, then body fat for the next 45 minutes. If you train for more than 90 minutes you begin to burn muscle and fat.

How long does it take to burn a pound of fat during exercise?

A pound of fat contains roughly 3200 calories, so whatever amount of time it takes at a certain intensity to burn 3200 calories is more or less how long it will take to burn a pound of fat. I say more or less because the majority of energy used during exercise comes from glycogen (carbohydrates) instead of fat. Assuming this glycogen were not immediately replaced, your body would have to get that energy from fat after exercise.

Does the body burn calories to provide energy?

Yes it does.

Why do humans produce heat?

Humans produce heat in order to keep warm. This is done by the body using its caloric reserves such as glucose and glycogen to make energy for the integumentary system to burn and thus heat up the body. If the body doesn't do this, it could undergo hypothermia and freeze to death.

Where does the energy come from to burn a body moving into the atmosphere?


Why are high energy waves dangerous?

High energy waves can burn the body and disrupt chemical and electrical activity in the body.

Is fiber stored for when you have no carbohydrates to burn?

No, fats are used as energy once your body has no carbohydrates left to burn.

When does the body burn muscles for energy?

When there are no calories for the body to burn. Solution: eat six small meals a day, consisting of mostly protein.

What is the process that enables the body to burn food and release energy?


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