What does stunting growth mean?

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If something "stunts" growth, it means that it reduces growth.

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Q: What does stunting growth mean?
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Related questions

Does herpes stunt your growth?

No, it is unlikely to be the cause of stunting growth

What does stunting mean?

If something "stunts" growth, it means that it reduces growth.

Am I really stunting my growth by eating too much candy?

Stunting???Depends on what the rest of your diet consists of.But you are endangering your healthas follows - insulin imbalancesprobable obesitydental caries

Does Kung Fu stunt your growth?

Properly done, no sport should result in a stunting of growth. Good exercise and flexibility are more likely to promote growth than to stunt it.

Has any one stunted their growth from weightlifting?

Not directly. The growth stunting is done by steroids, which are taken to allow for heavier weights to be lifted and larger muscles to be built.

Smoking stunt growth?

Smoking can harm your body in more ways than just stunting your growth. Starting to smoke is a terrible idea and you shouldn't even consider it.

Is coffee bad if your pregnant?

no not as bad as pop and alcohol, the saying of coffe stunting someones growth is a myth, so its not very bad.

Will taking ex stunt your growth?

I wouldn't be surprised. But on another growth stunting really your first concern when taking ex?

How does rubbing alcohol effect plant growth?

Rubbing alcohol affects plants by stunting the growth in the 4-6% range. The alcohol makes it more difficult for the plant to absorb water, which then reduces leaf and stem growth.

How does the salinity content of soil affect the growth of plants and trees?

The growth of plants and trees is affected by a wide variety of variables. The salinity content of soil can affect the growth of most plants in a negative way, such as turning their leaves a dark green color and stunting their growth.

What are symptoms of phosphorous deficiency in plants?

Slow growth, stunting, and purplish color (anthocyanins) on foliage or dark green color; dying leaf tip.

How can you grow taller without stunting your growth?

You can't grow by pills or food. Its a natural thing so dont try doing it. -Dr.David Willson

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