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It doesn't specifically have to do with a drug dose. The word "stat" in medicine means "immediately, right now".

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Q: What does stat in drug dose mean?
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What is the difference between a stat dose and prn doses?

STAT dose is a "give it right away or immediately" dose while prn means "as needed" dose.

What is a stat dose of medication?

The medication is given immediately as a single dose. Stat means immediately, so a stat dose would mean the medication that would be given as fast as it could be dispensed to the patient.

Does stat dose mean a single dose totally?

This means that you are to start the medication right away.

Is a bolus dose and stat does the same?

A bolus dose and stat dose are NOT necessarily the same thing. A bolus dose is typically pre-packaged nowadays and is a pre-measured liquid dose intended to give at one time via IV. Different drugs that are used as bolus doses have different administration rates as well; for example, one type of drug may be fine to push completely but other drugs must be delivered in part, with time separating each push of the syringe. A stat dose can be delivered orally, rectally, IM, SubQ, or by IV. Technically, you could receive a physician's order to give a "Stat dose of aspirin". Stat does not necessarily mean an emergency or life-threatening situation, though most stat orders come during emergency or critical care situations. Stat simply means "do this now; immediately." You could see orders for: stat bloodwork stat urinalysis stat EKG stat administration of an injectable stat administration of an IV bolus stat administration of a piggy-back IV etc.

What does UD in drug dose mean?

"As Directed"

Why is a stat dose so called?

A stat dose is one to be given immediately. In contrast, typical doses are given on schedule.

What does qm in drug dose mean?

Every morning

What does it mean by bd in drug dose.?

twice a day

Why stat dose instead of regular dose?

Stat means right away, so the dose of medicine has to be given now. A regular dose can wait until the time on the prescription.

What does q4w in drug dose mean?

every 4 weeks

What does tid in drug dose mean?

three times a day

What does Q am drug dose mean?

Route - take in the morning.

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