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You may be dehydrated!

If it's sharp pain, as opposed to a headache, then you could be looking at a tumor or aneurysm. Whatever the true cause, you head is rather important. Schedule a visit with a neurologist.

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Q: What does it mean when you get sharp pains in your head all the time?
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Im 1 in half centimeters dialted the babies head is down does that mean labor will come soon?

Yes. within 2 days 10cm is considered fully dilated You have probably already had "false labor" pains (kinda like monthly cramps) BUT when the time comes you will know. labor is hard to miss

What effect does the cold have on muscle coordination?

The muscles are actually slowed down in colder temperatures. You can get cramps and pains if you are exposed to the cold for long periods of time.

Why does my head hurt if i draw for a long time?

Focusing your eyes on the paper for an extended period of time can strain your optic muscles and nerves, causing headaches or soreness of the head.

What does it mean when a guy hugs you tightly?

It depends. Are you good friends? It could just be a friendly hug. But if he hugs you tightly for a long time or even rests his head on your shoulder, then he probably likes you :)

Can anxiety cause your stomach to hurt?

Of course. I have stomach aches all the time when I'm nervous. Anxiety can even make you to have diarrhea. If you think that the main cause of your stomach to hurt is that your worrying the worst thing you can do is to keep worrying about. Just take some deep, no seriously it helps me all the time. In through your nose out through your mouth. Try to keep your self busy and distracted or if its really bad you can see a therapist. If you stomach aches persist for a long time or you get sharp or stabbing pains see a doctor. Hopefully this was helpful and didn't make your stomach hurt even more.

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What causes sharp pains on top of head?

I was told inflated nerves but im still tryna figure that out because I have sharp pains all the time

How does effect heading the ball with the head?

Our head pains for a little time then there is no effect.

Does sharp pains in your vagina mean that you are in labor if you or 39 weeks pregnant?

You can consult on this but if the sharp pains (possibly contractions) last 60 seconds or more and occur more than once in a 5 minute period of time you need to go to the hospital. This means you are likely about to go into labor.

Do you have sharp pains in vagina durning implatation?

Nope. Time to see your health care provider.

What does it mean if you have chest pains and a headache?

Any time a patient has unidentified chest pains is the time to see a physician asap.

What causes sharp shooting pains in your head and is it serious?

Idiopathic stabbing headache was first described in 1964, at which time it was called "ophthalmodynia periodica" (Lansche 1964). Since then, brief, sharp, jabbing pains that occur either as single episodes or in repeated flurries have been designated by various terms including: "icepick-like pains," "sharp short-lived head pains," "needle-in-the-eye syndrome," and "jabs and jolts syndrome"It is characterized by brief, sharp, severe jabbing pains about the head that occur either as single episodes or as brief repeated volleys. The pain resembles a stab from an icepick, nail, or needle and typically lasts from a fraction of a second to 1 to 2 seconds. Idiopathic stabbing headaches may have the shortest duration of all known headaches. The frequency of attacks varies immensely, ranging from 1 attack per year to 50 attacks per day. The pain is characteristically located in the distribution of the trigeminal nerve. Icepick-like pains are more common in women and do occur in children.

Why do you have sharp pains in your stomach?

there are many reasons. some of them are 1.if do not eat at the correct time. 2.if you have ulcer in the stomach

Are sharp pains in your abdomen and bloating symptoms of pregnancy?

Hi I found out I'm a month pregnant and one of the major signs for me is bloating I hardly ever had bloating but I have it all the time now(it's horrible). As for the sharp pains I havent really had any I've had it one time in the middle of the abdomon but it was mild if your having strong sharp pains you should probley see a doctor just to see if somethings wrong. good luck!

What does it mean if you have pains in your tummy all the time?

Probably appendicitis

What does it mean when you get sharp shooting pains in your fingers?

it either means that your arm has fallen asleep or it could be the beginings of carpol tunnel sydrome. if you spend a lot of time typing or playing video games this is more likly.

I have been having sharp stabbing pains in my ribs for about 7 months now Also every time I have food I get a really bad belly ache usually the pain is on my left side 14 year old girl?

If you have been having sharp stabbing pains in your ribs it may be a problem with your kidneys, lungs, or even heart. See a doctor as soon as possible as this may be a serious problem.

What does it mean when you have shooting pains in your chest and breasts?

It simply means it's time to see a doctor! Not trying to be a smartie pants!

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