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means ou have got a sugar rush it only lasts a short period of time ;)

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Q: What does it mean when you get dizzy after eating?
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Can eating apples make you dizzy?

if you have a birch allergy

Could I be dizzy from not eating?

You can get dizzy from not eating , getting up to fast, or even a lot of other reasons. I would ask a Doctor or at least go see a Doctor.

When you look at a guy and then get dizzy what does this mean?

It doesn't mean anything. Looking at someone does not cause you to be dizzy. Getting dizzy is a medical condition and has nothing to do with attraction. There is another reason why this has happened to you.

What does Etourdi mean?

forgetful or dizzy

What are six signs or symptoms of eating disorders?

Six signs of an eating disorder are fainting, major weight loss, feeling dizzy, meal skipping, not eating with the family and lying about how much food was eaten. However, these behaviors don't necessarily mean that the person in question has an eating disorder.

What does it mean if you get dizzy when you walk?

It might mean that you have an ear infection.

Can dizziness be caused by diet sodas?

Yes and if this is all that you are drinking and not eating it will make you dizzy.

Can eating too many pickles make you dizzy?

Ask Snooki from Jersey Shore.

What does dizzy mean in slang?

Dizzy means someone who is rather silly and flighty, who doesn't seem to be "grounded."

Did dizzy dean have children?

Assuming you mean Dizzy Dean the baseball notable, he married Patricia Nash, but they had no children

What does lightheaded mean?

It means you are very dizzy or high.

What does reeling mean in the outsiders?

reeling refers to dizzy.

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