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It means that the 11 year old is dizzy and they should just relax and sit down.

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Q: What does it mean when you feel light headed?
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Why do you feel weak after drinking?

yes they feel weak and light headed

Can you feel light headed and nausea from gas fumes?

Gas fumes can definitely make you feel light headed and nauseated. You need to seek medical attention if the feeling does not go away.

Why does someone feel light headed in the shower?

I feel light headed after a shower too, sometimes. I've read it's because of to hot of a shower and to cool down the water or put a fan on, but I always have my fan on... I usually try get out of the shower ASAP if I tend to feel light headed and sit down for a minute or two, and then I feel fine.

Why does it feel like your brain is jumping?

It usually means you're light-headed. It could and might mean you have a fever. But it rarely does. When you feel light-headed, as you said, your brain feels like it jumps around. I cannot explain scientifically, but if you lay down and sleep, it should go away. You usually feel light-headed when you play on the computer too much, or are going into a sickness or coming out of one. Hope this is helpful. <3

How do you feel when 3 weeks pregnant?

Urmmm. You probably feel light headed... Sickk doesnt mean throwing up just dont feel all to good.. Have you taken the test?

What does it mean to be light headed or dizzy?

Being dizzy means everything looks as if it is spinning. Being light headed means you feel faint and sometimes like you are GOING to faint. I have been feeling like this for weeks. Don't worry about it. :)

Can spicy food make you feel dizzy and light headed?


Is it normal to be light headed during the first trimester?

Yes, it is fairly common to feel light headed. This is usually due to the increase in pregnancy hormones.

What does it mean when you cough and you start to get light headed?


How does a asthma attack feel?

You get light headed an have trouble breathing or can't breath.

How do you feel when you are dehydrated?

you typically feel tired, have a dry mouth, thirsty, and pale, sometimes even light headed.

Why does someone vomit after fainting?

It depends if they really dont feel good or they feel light headed or something like that

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