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If your period lasts 5 months, then stops for 3 days and then starts again with black blood, this could mean that you are pregnant or that you have a health problem. Seeing a doctor is ideal.

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Q: What does it mean if your period last 5 months stopped for 3 days started again with black blood?
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You stopped breastfeeding three months ago and you stopped producing milk you recently started producing milk again what could be the cause?

i need an answer

My period started for 3 days then stopped and has not started again. What is that mean?

mines been like that . i only started mine 3 days ago aswell did you ?

If your period almost immediately stopped after receiving your first injection of the depo shot is this an indication that you won't get a period again while on the shot?

Not necessarily, I was on depot and my period stopped immediately, but after a week or so it started up and I had my period everyother week.

When should you start the pill again if you stopped in the middle of a pack because you thought you were pregnant?

Start the Sunday that you got your period. Ex. you started your period on tuesday...start taking the pill again that following Sunday!!

You an 15 and you skipped a period for 1.5 years it started but then it stopped again and you are not sexually active?

It is most likely normal. A lot of girls have one period then skip a few months before having another one. It takes a while for a girls menstrual cycle to become regular.

Has the ash cloud stop?

It stopped, but it has started again.

You stopped breast feeding on Tuesday and started your period on Saturday is this normal?

Actually, it is normal for the body to begin menstruation again right after weaning.

What if you haven't started your period for four months?

Everyone is different, and sometimes girls may skip a month. If you recently started your period or in this case your period was 4 months ago and it was your first time, that is normal. From my first to second period ever, I went 2 months. Again, everyone is different, and if it reaches 6 months of not having it, I would maybe consider going to the doctor.

Why haven't I started my period again?

If you have just started it's perfectly normal to have missed your period for a few months, some girls get there period and then don't get it for another 8 months or so. So as long as you haven't had your period for more than 2-3 years your good. But if you have then i would see a doctor.

Why are you not having a period in 5 months?

If you got it once and not again for 5 months, it was a false alarm or your pregnant. If you haven't even started, JUST WAIT YOU NIMNOM!

Can child support be stopped and started again after age 18?


You have been on pill for 5 years you stopped but how long will it take for your period again?

You could have a period immediately or it may take awhile, its hard to say. Even if you have an immediate period, it will take several months for the progestin to be flushed out of your body and for you to see a total return to normal. Less common, a delayed period (beyond 60 days) could mean that your body hasn't started cycling again. See your Gyn as there are some simple things (s)he can prescribe to "jump start" your body again.

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