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It most likely means that either he is unhappy with something in your relationship or he is talking to someone else

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Q: What does it mean if your ex boyfriend changes his relationship status to its complicated?
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What does it mean if my ex- boyfriend changes his relationship status to in a relationship to its complicated a day after we broke up?

It means that he is moving you to second string in case the girl he is cheating on you with, doesnt work out. Its like keeping you in arms reach as a plan b .

What was Alexander the greats relationship status?

"It's complicated."

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Harrison Moulton does not at the moment have a girlfriend and his relationship status was in a relationship but complicated because it was a complicated relationship with a girl.

What is Relationship Status?

a relationship status is like;; what your relationship is... are you married divorced single complicated relationship in a relationship these are all status's of which you can be in a relationship (: hope that helped and wasn't too confusing :/ If you have facebook.. or a social net work site. You relationship status is if you are in a relationship or not.

Was Archimedes ever married?

Relationship status: it's complicated

How do you get your boyfriend to change his Facebook status to in a relationship?

Log in and do it yourself!! lol

When do you know call someone your boyfriend?

When you have both agreed you are in a relationship. Perhaps talk to him about your current relationship status.

What are the ratings and certificates for Status It's Complicated - 2013?

Status It's Complicated - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: Philippines:R-16

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what is beverly clearly's relationship status

What are stuff guys say or ask you if they are truly interested in you?

They ask about your relationship status. If they know you have a boyfriend and they ask how you two are doing he is waiting for you

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its complicated

How do you change your relationship status on Facebook?

Sign in to FacebookClick on "Profile"Up top where it shows all your info in blue, click "Edit Profile"On the left side of the screen click "Featured People"Click on the bar beside "Relationship Status" and select whatever your relationship status is. If you are not "single" or "widowed," you may type the name of the person that you are in a relationship with in the section below.Click "Save Changes"

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