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It means you really have to pee but i would hold it *wink wink*

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Q: What does it mean if you have pressure on your bladder and pee a lot?
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Related questions

What does it mean when your bladder hurts and you pee a lot?

kidney infection

What could it mean if it feels like you have a lot of pressure on your bladder when you pee and you have a creamy white discharge?

It could be a unirary track infection UTI or an STD

What does it mean when you have to go pee a lot?

You may pee a lot because you are drinking more fluids, have a bladder issue, or you are focusing on the amount of times you have to go pee. Women tend to pee more when they are pregnant. However, just because someone has to pee a lot does not mean that they are pregnant.

Pain in bladder having to pee a lot pressure on bladder burning sensation when peeing?

that sounds like A UTI, you should go see a doctor!

Why cant you pee when your bladder is full?

It should be easier to pee when your bladder is full because there is more pressure on your bladder. If you are having trouble peeing, see a doctor.

What does it mean when you pee a lot?

It usually means that you have a small bladder or you have drank a lot of fluids. If this seems unusual to you you should go to a doctor.

What is wrong if you have to pee a lot?

You probably have a bladder infection or you are drinking a lot of water.

Why do you pee when you are finished defacating?

When you defecate you put extreme pressure on your bladder.

Is it normal to pee a lot while pregnant?

Yes, the developing fetus puts pressure on the bladder causing the need to urinate more frequently.

Do you have a bladder problem if you have to go the bathroom a lot and your pee is white?

no. if you drink a lot of water it causes you to go to the bathroom a lot and it makes your pee white.

How does your body know when to wake up to pee?

The pressure in the bladder causes pain.

How do girls feel when their bladder is full?

They feel pressure in the bladder, like they have to go. when a girl has to pee really bad she starts to feel pressure in the lower abdomen.

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