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Money. ;P

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Q: What does a younger woman find attractive about older men?
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Do Younger Adult Women Actually Find Older Men Attractive?

if they don't hav gray or white hair on them... and i mean anywere that's wrong

Why does older women hate on younger women?

In love relationships, older women hate on younger women because it is easier to find a couple. In the daily, older women hate on younger because they are most likely to do stupid things and live a 'Partying' life. - Camilarv

How would you seduce an older women?

Difficult. Older women wiser, been around, see your plan. If lucky, older woman fancy you. Not likely. ---- On the other hand... Sometimes an older woman is not such a princess and can actually understand the idea of give and take in a relationship. And she might have earned the enjoyment of a vigorous young male's company by being more of an equal partner to him (while gently contributing to his education) than a fresh young thing who simply expects to be worshiped. My suggestion would be: Don't try to seduce the older woman. Let her seduce you. Watch and learn. it's difficult. older woman wants to find the older man and not pay attention to the younger man

Do men find pregnant women attractive?

Many men can identify, without really knowing it, when a woman is pregnant, long before they are showing or have an outward indications of pregnancy. There is this glow about them that makes them seem especially attractive, probably related to hormones. It depends on the man and the woman.

Do women like men with breast?

Not normally, but if it exists, there is a woman who likes it. I've known a few women who would find it attractive.

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What does it mean when a Girl becomes a Cougar when their older than a Guy?

It means the older woman is very attractive and all guys (younger than her and older than her) find her attractive and want to pursue her.

Why do older women want to younger men?

Some older women want younger men because they make them feel younger. They may also find younger men physically attractive.

Do Younger Adult Women Actually Find Older Men Attractive?

if they don't hav gray or white hair on them... and i mean anywere that's wrong

Do Black guys find accents attractive?

Black guys find a woman with an accent very attractive.

What is the perfect male age for older women who like younger men?

18 that way you arent getting in any trouble !!! it also depends on how older you are an what age range you find attractive in younger men 20's, 30's but definitely make sure he is of legal age !! yes of course they do, what does it really matter age if people feel that a woman going with a younger guy is bad.. they seriously need to get their life in perspective

How do you get older girls to go out with you?

Ask them! What do you have to lose? If you are a younger man who finds older women attractive you are not alone. When you ask an older woman out she may (1) be herself attracted to younger men and (2) find you attractive and say yes or she may not. In asking her you've risked nothing more than a bruise to your Ego that will soon heal. But if you never ask her she will never say yes and you'll miss what could have been if she did. If you want to learn more about older women or any other aspect of loving relationships follow the related link below to Your Complete Relationship Answers. There you will find everything you'll need to build the happiness you deserve.

Is it wrong to find much older men attractive?

Of Course!

Do men find Greek woman attractive?

Of course!(;

What should you do if you are a 16 year old boy and young boys are attracting to you?

Do you mean that young boys find you attractive or that you find younger boys attractive? Many young boys see older boys as role models and some go to the state of almost hero worshipping them. They usually choose pop starts or footballers to idolise but if a real older boy is available, especially one who is friendly towards them, many younger boys will jump at the chance of fauning there affections on the older boy. And an older boy in this position can easily be flattered by all the attention. He may get a huge ego boost by having a younger friend who will readily copy his mannerisms, clothing, interests and musical tastes. He sets the examples and the fashions. And by virtue of his age he must be right, he must know better, thinks the younger boy who then tends to follow in his footsteps. On the other hand this readiness of a younger boy to follow the example of an older boy can prove to be a source of temptation if the older boy has strong sexual urges towards the younger boy. The younger boy may not necessarily share these urges at all but can sometimes find his willingness to please his older friend leading him into situations were he is open to manipulation by his older firend. If you are the older boy and find that you are finding younger boys sexually attractive a big question would be what age are you and what age are the boys who you find attractive? If they are close in age to yourself, are fully award of the situation and are willing to go along with it, there might be no problems. But the greater the difference in age there is between yourself and the boys who you find attractive the more likely you are to find yourself in serious trouble if there are any problems, complaints, changes of mind or discovery of the situation by an outsider. There is no problem feeling attracted to as many younger boys as you wish and then going home to masturbate, alone, the problems are likely to materialise if you ever act on your feelings.

Do men find that they are sexually attractive to all woman?

Certainly not.

Does a Capricorn man find a Pisces woman attractive?


In general do Brazilian men find white women attractive?

It probably depends on how attractive the white woman is.

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