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Rx is used in place of the word: "prescription"

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Q: What does Rx mean in medicine?
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What does Rx mean on your medicine bottle?

Rx simply means that patient needs to take the following medicine.

In medicine what does Rx stand for?

Prescription (medicine)

What does Rx in medicine?

Rx is used in place of the word: "prescription"

What does the eye of Horus symbolize in medicine?

The 'Rx' symbol which is used by pharmacies and in medicine has its origins in the Eye of Horus.

What does Tx and Rx mean?

Tx and Rx - are shorthand for 'transmit' and 'receive'.

Meaning of Rx and red line in pharma?

rx mean take theser

What do you mean by Rx by doctors?

"Rx" means "prescription for medicine." The letters abbreviate the Latin word recipe, which is a form of the verb "to take."Doctors write Rx in the heading of prescriptions as an instruction to "take" the medicine. The pharmacists filling the orders understand this shorthand (and hopefully they can read the doctors' handwriting) and print it on pill bottles with whatever else doctors order, such as "take twice daily with food." Somewhere along the line, pharmacists started using "Rx" on their storefront signs so patients knew where to get their doctors' instructions translated.

What is special about the eye of horus?

It represented health and medicine. The modern Rx is a simplification of the Eye of Horus.

What is the medicine Stamina RX used for?

Stamina RX is a supplement that is for men. It was supposed to be for more stamina for a man in private matters. The FDA recalled a batch that was contaminated. It is not FDA approved.

What does ASAP mean on rx?

As soon as possible.

What does the Rx mean on the fax machine?


What does the symbol Rx at the beginning of a prescription mean?


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