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Back off.

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2008-11-15 07:06:00
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Q: What do you do when the guy you like has a girlfriend and he hates u?
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How do you get your guy friend that hates you to like you again?

tell your guy friend can u just start over with u alls relationship in that u are welling to do that

How do you get a guy that used to like you but now has a girlfriend?

U don't u move on

How can you get a guy to like you if he has a girlfriend?

tell him u are willing to be the girl on the side. But really if the guy has a girlfriend already why not try and like some one else.

How do you get a gut to like you but he has a girlfriend?

u c to get a guy 2 like u and he haz a girlfriend u gotta look cute and pay attention to him and make him jealous.

How do you make a guy like you when he hates you?

Well if he hates u and u havent worn makeup in front of him try it and see wut happens thts how i got my first boy friend

What episode of everybody hates Chris does Chris has a girlfriend?

no u wish

What do you do when the guy you like hates you?

give him a reason not to hate u. don't be a creep but try and show him you are a nice person and that he shouldn't hate u

Can't get over a guy who has a girlfriend?

i know what are u feeling!! but life is hard sometimes!! if u really like him forget him!!

If a boy tells everyone he hates you but he stares at you a lot does he really like you?

He really does like u trust me im a guy and wen i was little i did that alot

When a guy ignores you what does that mean?

well it could mean alot of things like that he hates u or your annoying him or maybe even he likes u well i hoped this helped :)

How many guys should you like?

You should only like that one lucky guy who likes you :P and if u no the guy likes u and u like him and he does not have a girlfriend y dont u and this i spicial guy give ur love a good first chance.

What if the guy you like likes you but he has a girlfriend?

I think u should not take someone elses boyfriend unless u really like them and that would be a different thing

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