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DO NOT induce vomiting. Swallowing a hydrocarbon and then vomiting it back up can cause more damage. If it is a small amount, it is usually not lethal. Call the poison control center immediately or visit your local emergency room. Whatever you do, stay away from fire or SMOKING.

give plenty of water and then milk or milk shakes

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Q: What do you do if a person accidentally swallows gasoline?
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in hospital to gave a medicine

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Does drinking gasoline kill you if you accidentally swallow less than an ounce?

You're retarded. <---- That's rude. First thing to do is to call the Poison Center or your doctor right away. You can also call the paramedics. Move away from the gasoline source as quickly as possible. Do not induce vomiting if you swallow gasoline. Give the person that ingested the gasoline water or milk if they are conscious. Before you call emergency services be sure to know how much gasoline was swallowed, when the gas was ingested, and the person's condition. The faster you receive treatments if you swallow gasoline, the better your chances of surviving.

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What happens to child when accidentally swallows ibuprofen?

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Should a person seek medical attention if they swallow gasoline accidentally?

Generally Yes. Gasoline is a classic for inducing chemical burns, and contains a ton of other interesting toxins, including some carcinogens. 1cc of gasoline might not hurt you, but a tablespoon might and a pint would. Give Poison Control a call on this one: 1-800-222-1222

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The side effects of a person getting gasoline in their ear is poisoning. Since it is toxic the gasoline is supposed to be removed from the body.

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