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Your 2nd cousin..

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Q: What do you call your mom sisters daughters daughter?
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What is mom's daughter's son called?

you can call him your nephew if you are mom's daughter's sibling or if you will be the mom you can call him your grandson.

At work your daughter was told not to call you mom?

I work with my daughter and at work she calls me mom,we were told that she cant call me mom,im affended

In kath and kim are kath and kim really mom and daughter?

Yes. Kim is the daughter and Kath is the mom, although they seem more like sisters than mom and daughter.

What do you call you mom's sisters husband?


Can a boy marry his mom's sisters daughter's daughter?

No, you would be cousins, and you can't marry your cousin.

What is the Chinese mom and daughters name on King of the Hill?

They are from Laos. The mom is Mihn. The daughter is connie or khan jr.

What is the meaning for cousine?

Your mom or dads brother or sisters daughter or son!

What do you call your mom's brother's daughter?

Your Cousin

What relation is your moms first cousin's daughter and her daughters to you?

Your mom's first cousin's daughter is your second cousin. Your mom's first cousin's granddaughter is your second cousin, once removed.

What do you call your mom's sister's daughter?

first cousin

What do you call your mom's cousin's daughter?

your second cousin.

Who is on the show dance moms?

The dance instructor & studio owner: Abby Lee Miller. And the Moms & their daughters: Mom: Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni Daughters: Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler Mom: Kelly Hyland Daughters: Brooke Hyland, Paige Hyland Mom: Christi Lukasiak Daughter: Chloe Lukasiak Mom: Holly Frazier Daughter: Nia Frazier Mom: Jill Vertes Daughter: Kendall Vertes Occasionally, they show a rival dance school: Candy Apples, with dance instructor Cathy, and her students.

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