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It means she is having her period.

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Q: What do it mean if a women bleed after she use the restroom?
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Can girls go into boys restroom?

No, just as boys are not allowed to go into a girls restroom. Not a good answer, sorry. Girls can enter boys restroom, locker room as long they have been ask to come. This is done by a father bring in his daughter. Or a brother bring in a girl. A boy can bring in a girl. The same apply for boys to go into a girls restroom or locker room. It has to be done with respect. Neither boy or girls can do as they please with the other gender restroom or locker room. There is no double gender rules. Girls can do it but boys can not do it.

Why does my butt bleed?

You have a hemorrhoid, so just buy the wet wipes and use them instead.

What do you do if you have to pee during school?

If you are in class, raise your hand until you are called upon to ask politely if you can be excused to go to the restroom. When your teacher says yes, go to the nearest restroom. In college classes, however, most professors prefer that you quietly get up and excuse yourself without disturbing the rest of the class, and again quickly and quietly return to your seat when you return. If you are in between classes, just walk to the nearest restroom and use it.

How long after i take birth control will I have my period?

It depends on what birth control you're using - people wrongly use 'birth control' to mean the combination birth control pill, so I'm going to assume this is what you mean. On the combination pill you don't menstruate full-stop, the purpose of this form of birth control is to suppress your menstrual cycles in order to stop ovulation from occurring, as you don't ovulate you don't menstruate. The bleeding women experience on the combination pill is a withdrawal bleed caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when going from active to inactive pills - thus you will bleed sometime during the placebo week.

If you have not been able to use the restroom for 3 days due to painful constipation how would you be able to use the restroom without suffering from excruciating pain?

You could try using a laxative combined with a stool softener. That way, when the laxative takes effect, you should pass your stools without too much discomfort until your system is back to normal. If this is a regular occurrence, see your doctor for professional advice.

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