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Acid Reflux

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Q: What could cause sudden chest pain while sleeping?
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Pain that starts under your right armpit and spreads across your chest - what could cause this?

sleeping in awkard positions, general growth many things

What could cause sudden hearing loss in one ear?

An ear infection could cause sudden hearing loss in only one ear.

There's evidence that sudden infant death syndrome is related to?

Second hand smoke, stomach sleeping, overheating. There is no real definitive cause, but these aforementioned things could possibly be contributing factors.

What would cause sudden pain on your left side just below the rib more in the back?

It could be a stitch or another muscle cramp, but you should check with a medical professional if you have chest pains.

What does it mean if you get a sudden big headache after lifting weights especially curl-ups with weight on your chest?

this means your not breathing properly while working out, which means oxygen isn't getting to your brain, this could cause a headache or even cause you to pass out

What is main cause of constant chest pain?

Constant chest pain could be from sore muscles in the chest or could be angina. Yes it is advisable to visit a hospital or you family doctor if you have recurring pain so that can determine what the cause is.

Cause of sharp chest pain?

There could be a few reasons why a person can have chest pains. You could be having gas issues or a heart attack.

Sudden release of tensional force along fault?

This could cause an earthquake.

What could be the cause of sudden tiredness?

Sudden tiredness could be caused from over exertion, low iron or low blood sugar. If the problem persists, consult your physician.

What could cause red rings on your chest?

getting bitten by a octapus

What event could take place to cause a sudden change in the desert?

an ice age

Could sleeping cause the condition known as Tennis or Golfers Elbow?

No, tennis elbow is caused by an inflamation or infection of the bursa surrounding the elbow joint. Sleeping does not cause this

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