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Muscle stretch could be the main reason for pain and fatigue in feet.

Over workout could too causes pain in legs and fatigue.

Lots of jogging can cause pain in legs too.

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Q: What could cause pain in legs and fatigue?
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What could cause pain in a person's legs?

Many different things can cause pain in a person's legs. Some of these things can include injuries, fatigue, muscle cramps, medical problems, and blood clots.

What is the cause of muscle pain?

Normally the main cause of muscle pain is strain or fatigue, hope this helps you :)

What could cause a pain on left side of body?

Shingles can cause localized pain in almost any part of the body. Sciatica can cause pain in the lower back and one or both legs.

Does myelofibrosis cause bone pain?

It can cause bone pain, especially in the legs

What could cause pain in the legs?

You might want to research RLS (Restless leg syndrome)

What causes severe night pain in your legs?

It could be restless leg syndrome. Also some medications can cause legs to hurt.

Can a tight jaw cause fatigue?

Tension held in the jaw can cause fatigue. Holding tension in any muscle group can cause fatigue. Holding your jaw tight can also cause neck pain and headaches.

Does extreme fatigue cause eye pain?

One of the many signs of chronic fatigue syndrome is eye pain, dry eyes, light sensitivity, and blurred vision. If you are experiencing eye pain you may have extreme fatigue syndrome.

A child is complaining of pain in her legs Could cancer be the cause of her pain?

yes, because cancer can occur in any age and in any location.

Why there pain in your legs?

Best ask a Doctor - probably just muscle fatigue from too much exercise

How is pain connected with fatigue and depression?

It is known that pain in itself can actually cause depression. Fatigue from lack of sleep or the illness itself also contribute to depressed feelings.

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