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I have occasional twitching/numbness of left jaw - doesn't hurt - what could cause this?

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Q: What causes numbness in the jaw?
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Can you list some probable causes of numbness in the face and jaws?

Some probable causes of numbness in the face and jaw in otherwise healthy people can include trigeminal neuralgia, stroke, and a dislocated jaw. To rule out serious causes, see your doctor immediately.

What causes numbness in right side of jaw and numbness down the right side of body?

This could be a stroke! You should go to the emergency room now!

What causes lower jaw numbness?

Some of the causes of jaw tingling/numbness is: Diabetes mellitus. Tooth ache. Alcoholism. Hypocalcemia. Spinal cord lesion. Nerve root compression. Herpes zoster. Multiple sclerosis. Entrapment neuropathy. Partial seizure.

How do you reduce the numbness after a cavity filing?

Punch yourself in the jaw, alot.

Numbness on right side of face and head?

a snake bite ..... near the jaw it would be a serious bite ! after numbness will be dizziness

What causes left leg and foot numbness?

There are many causes of left leg and foot numbness. This numbness could come from a stroke or unnecessary pressure.

Numbness in jaw and tingling in mouth and headace?

Numbness in jaw and tingling in mouth and headache can be symptoms or various diseases. Most of them are neurological disorders which include shingles, lyme disease and trigeminal neuralgia among others.

What causes numbness in thumb index and middle finger?

Low blood flow causes numbness in your finger. Pressure can do it too.

What causes face numbness?


What causes numbness of hands?

Restricted blood-flow to the hands causes a numbness that brings on 'pins and needles' when the blood-flow is restored. Sleeping with your arms underneath your body, is a common cause of numbness in your arm and hands.

What causes numbness and tingling throughout the body?

What do I do for numbness and tingling in my anckles, tip of my toes and tip of my fingers

What causes left facial pain and numbness?


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