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Kidney infections are usually caused when bacteria gets in your urethra and gets up to your bladder. It can also be caused by kidney stones.

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Q: What causes kidney infection?
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Can bad breath be connected to a kidney infection?

Bad breath can be connected to a kidney infection. This may be as a result of kidney failure which causes build-up of waste materials in the body.

What condition causes kidney infection hallucination crying fainting and stomach ache?

urinary tract infection

What causes high level of neutrophils in urine?

Most likely a bacterial infection, such as a UTI or kidney infection.

What causes pain on right side of back above waist?


Can recurrent urinary infections cause kidney stones?

There are different types of kidney stones, and one is the result of infection in the kidney. Yes, recurrent infections can help to cause this type of kidney stone. The stone may also harbor infection that causes frequent recurrence.

Can the kidneys cause pain?

Yes, kidney pain is a relatively common human symptom. The most common causes are kidney stones or infection.

Can you die from a kidney infection?

Can you die from a urinal track kidney infection?

What causes bleeding after urination I had a urine test culture done it showed no infection but a moderate amount of blood in the urine what causes this?

Kidney stones could be a cause. Sometimes when a kidney stone is passed it causes a little bleeding.

What causes kidneys to hurt?

It could be a kidney infection,or maybe a bruised kidney? Either way,you should go to a doctor asap! Hope this helps:)

What causes right side pain?

it could be a number of things such as, kidney infection or kidney stones, appendicitis, muscle sprain, back/spinal problems,........

What causes throbbing back pain on the lower right side?

Could be Kidney infection? Just a suggestion

What causes pain on right side above waistline?

It could be an infection in your kidney. Go to doctors an get checked.

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