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There are a number of causes as to why a leg may ache. These include strain, fatigue, a pulled muscle, or a bruise.

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Q: What causes an aching right leg?
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What causes sharp stabbing pain in upper right leg?

getting stabbed in your upper right leg

Why does your right calf twitch when you lie down every night?

Your right calf may twitch at night because of restless leg syndrome. Restless leg syndrome can cause twitching, aching, itching and tingling sensations.

What causes aching shoulders and arms?


What causes extreme tiredness and aching body?


What are possible causes for aching hands?

Punching walls

What causes aching pain in my right arm and leg?

this is depend on so many thing like : your age ?22 your sex ? female your body built ? average your life style ? average your other symptom >>>> tirdness fatigue my Advice for you are >>>> visit the hospital and see the doctor !!

Which is a sign of peripheral artery disease?

Leg pain. Itching, burning or aching in the calves.

What causes sharp middle back pain to the buttock and stiffness to the right leg and cause falling down?

what causes sharp middle back pain to the buttock and stiffness to the right leg and cause falling down

What causes your leg to ach?

after exercising if your leg is aching this is due to delayed onset muscle saweness (DOMS). DOMS is caused by small micro tears in muscle fibres. DOMS can be prevented by warming up and cooling down. another way to avoid them is to have an ice bath.

What causes numbness and pain in right leg and arm?

A stroke. Strokes and heart attacks can do that

What causes sever pain down your lower back and right leg?

Sciatic nerve

What condition causes a tender spot on outer leg just below know on right leg with swelling down to foot?

could be cellulitus, or a blood clot in the leg

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