What causes a female to ejaculate?

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A black man

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Q: What causes a female to ejaculate?
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Related questions

How would you know if you ejaculate during sex if you're a female?

Females do not ejaculate.

Can pre-ejaculate get a female pregnant?

Yes it can.

What causes men to ejaculate forcefully?

when the female arouses the man so much that the man ejaculates extra hard and twice the amount of semen comes out.

What are the paints used for Deathwing Terminators?

Female ejaculate.

If male licks female organ does female become pregnant?

A males ejaculatory fluids (Pre-ejaculate or ejaculate) must come in contact with your vagina for you to become pregnant.

How old does a male have to be to get female pregnant?

Old enough to ejaculate.

Can you ejaculate from anal stimulation?

Yes. The prostate is stimulated which causes ejaculation.

Can you get pregnant if he pre-ejaculate when he is wearing underpants and female partner is not wearing anything?


Do any sperm enter the pelvic of the female?

The ejaculate does not go into the pelvis from the vagina.

Does pre-ejaculate causes pregnancy?

Yes, pre-ejaculate can result in pregnancy. Pre-ejaculate itself doesn't contain sperm, but if the man ejaculates and doesn't urinate sperm can remain in the urethra and thus be carried along by the pre-ejaculate. Although the number of sperm that could be in pre-ejaculate are only small compared to how many are in ejaculate, there is still a risk of pregnancy.

How would you know if you ejaculate during sex.. if you're a female?

it feels like your about to pee

Can a female swallowing male ejaculate produce a euphoric state?

well depends on the girl but from what i know just the sight of ejaculate can produce a euphoric state because of genetics a large amount of "ejaculate" tells the female that the partner is healthy so im guessing if the male gives out a large amount it will produce a euphoric state in women

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