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It was often drinking/ washing water that was infected by sewage that caused typhoid. You could catch it from the Thames where it wasn't illegal to throw in your sewage, but people mainly got their drinking water from there aswell, so obviously it would have been infected.

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Q: What caused the illness typhoid in Victorian times?
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What caused typhoid in Victorian times?

Typhoid has been caused by the same bacteria from thousands of years. The name of the bacteria is Salmonella typhi. This bacteria has evolved with mankind.

Who commonly cuaght typhoid in Victorian times?


What was the cure for typhoid in the Victorian times?

There was no cure for typhoid in Victorian time. the old wise physician, probably used to treat typhoid by good nursing care. There was about 20 % mortality for the typhoid fever, at that time.

Which was the most deadly disease in Victorian times?

Typhoid fever

What was Typhoid called in Victorian times?

The Victorians called it typhus

How many people died of Typhoid in Victorian times?


What was the deadliest out of Typhoid tuberculosis smallpox and cholera in the Victorian times?


What diseases were around in the Victorian times?

Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Scarlet Fever and Smallpox.

What caused typhoid in the Vicorian times?

From tens of thousand years the typhoid fever has been caused by Salmonella typhi. The bacteria has evolved with the mankind.

Who was affected by typhoid in Victorian times?

Victorian period extend from June 1837 to January 1901. Prior to 1854, whole human population was affected by typhoid. Later on the developed countries rapidly controlled the typhoid by improved sanitation and good personal hygiene. The developing countries are still fighting to control the typhoid fever.

What did prince albert die of?

He died cos of Typhoid, Typhoid is Dirty Water He druck It.The dirty Water Is that Poor people in Victorian Times They do The toilet In the river which People Drink from

What disease did prince Albert die of?

He died cos of Typhoid, Typhoid is Dirty Water He druck It.The dirty Water Is that Poor people in Victorian Times They do The toilet In the river which People Drink from

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