What can smoking do to your health?

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Smoking can do several harmful things to peoples health. Smoking can cause breathing problems, premature wrinkles, COPD, and lung cancer.

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Q: What can smoking do to your health?
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How does smoking related to medical health?

Yes the more smoking is related to medical, health, the enough smoking is bad for health physically and mentally.

Is smoking good for you or not?

Smoking is not good for health.

What does smoking increase the risk of?

smoking increases the risk of cancer, you will get addicted . you will get different problems . smoking is bad for your health . HEALTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the best title about smoking?

Health effects on smoking

What does scripture say about smoking?

Smoking is injurious to health

What is an example of prevention in relation to health care?

Smoking causes a multitude of health problems, so not smoking prevents health problems.

What does smoking do to your health?

Smoking can be detrimental to ones health, it can also cause your lungs to deteriorate. Thanks for listening

Does smoking increase chance of flu?

no smoking is bad for your health

Will quitting cigarettes harm your health?

No definitely not every day that you smoke your health is being harmed By stopping the habit of smoking you will improve your health and your ability to do many things that smoking makes you unfit for. QUITTING SMOKING IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH.

Does Smoking Decrease Health?

Smoking is bad for your health and may kill you earlier than you would live to if you did not smoke.

Is Eating eggs and smoking is good for health?

Eating eggs is quite good for your health, however, it is best not to live on them. Smoking IS bad for you health and it is best to quit. Eating eggs will not make smoking any less bad for you. Try to quit smoking. :)

Is smoking non-tobacco hookah injurious to health?

It depends on what you are smoking in it.

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