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Q: What are two steps that permit a person to take greater responsibility for his or her health?
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How you are individual responsibility for enhancing health?

Become a Powerfully Positive Person, and empower yourself by taking responsibility for your health and fitness.

Does Having physical health issues affect a person's social health?

Physical health issues affects a person's social health. The harmonious give and take between the person and the society is affected to greater or lesser extent.true

What is sanitary permit?

A sanitary permit is a permit issued by the local health authority for an establishment to operate, be it food or non - food establishment. any business should have their sanitary permit before operating. Excerpt from P.D. 856 "No person or entity shall operate an establishment for public patronage without securing a permit from the local health office.

Two ways of demonstrating responsibility for the health of other?

by not smoking in front of another person and by not texting and driving at the same time

Can a person with a school permit drive home another person from school without a school permit?

A driver with a permit can only drive if someone with a license is in the car.

Are you at fault in an accident if you only have a permit with No adult in the car?

I believe the person with the permit will be at fault regardless of who caused the accident. 1) The person with a permit is not allowed to operate the vehicle without a licensed driver in the car. 2) The person with a permit most likely is not insured.

Does a person with greater mass have bigger lung capacity?

In general, a taller healthy person will have greater lung capacity than one who is shorter. Health habits and cardiovascular fitness affect lung capacity to a large degree, though.

Can you get a work permit with a dui?

Yes, a person can get a work permit with a DUI on their record.

If you are hit by a unlicensed driver on a permit driving another person's car that had liability insurance can you sue the owner or the insurance company for your injuries?

Yes, without a doubt. The owner bares the true responsibility.

Who do you feel is responsible for health and safety within the work place and why?

In the construction site the project manager is the responsible person for the health and safety at work. There is a confusion in this regard so some people think the safety officer is the responsibility for the health and safety at site.

Can a person that has a provisional permit do traffic school?

Can a person that has a provisional (temporary) permit do traffic school? If one has a permit, one would think, they would be qualified to teach traffic school.

Can you finance a car with drivers permit?

No, a person can not finance a car with just a drivers permit. A person will need to show that they have a drivers license.

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