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What are those big dark red blood clots that come down on your period

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Q: What are those big red blood clots that come down on your period?
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What does it mean when your on your period and big chunks of a dark red color of blood come out?

Those are blood clots dnt worry its normal but if it continues after your period finishes you should check with the doctor and right now its pissing me off...

When blood clots come from your butt?

you have a serious problem my friend

How do you know when your having a miscarage?

you know when you have a miscarage because when your on your period clots of blood come out, heaps of blood and it hurts way more and it takes a while for all that blood to stop, it goes for awhile

When a female dog is in heat is it normal for the blood to come out like clots?

It typically is not normal for dogs to have clots. It is best to take her to the vet and make sure nothing is wrong if she is experiencing blood clots.

What are the blood clots that come out when one has her period?

Most likely it was just the lining being shed from your uterus during your period. Women dont just shed the blood during our periods, we shed the lining too. Its totally normal.

What does it mean when you have dark brown discharge 6 days after your period?

Most likely your late-blood (blood that was supposed to come out some days ago) is mixing with the discharge. Or it's just late-blood with clots.

Where in the girl's body does the period blood come from?

Period blood comes from a girl's uterus. When a girl has her period, the uterus sheds the lining it builds up to feed an egg. When the egg isn't fertilized, the lining, which is made up of blood and clots, falls off of the walls and comes out of her cervix, the bottom of her uterus that opens into the end of the vagina, and then the blood flows down out of the opening of her vagina.

Why women have period every month?

Women have period every month if the are not pregnant. Since the "blood" from the period is used to be the nutrients for the embryo, so if a woman is not pregnant, those "blood" which should be used as nutrients will come out from her body as period because it's not used.

Is it normal to have a period with lump of jelly?

Yes, what seems like lumps of jelly or dark clots of blood are actually bits of your womb lining, every month your womb lining will get thicker in preparation for fertilisation, when this doesn't happen the lining will then shed and come out in your period.

How do you make your period stop for one day?

sorry there is no way to stop your period .Your period is for you blood to come out so you need that blood to come out if you stopped your period that would be very unhealthy.

What risks are associated with joint replacement surgery?

the development of blood clots that may come loose and block the arteries, excessive loss of blood, and infection

What hole does the blood from a period come out of?

The Vagina

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