What are the fields in medicine?

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There are many fields in medicine that include conventional, scientific, mainstream, and alternative medicine. There are basic sciences that include anatomy, biochemistry, endocrinology, and genetics. Surgical specialties include pediatric, neurosurgery, and plastic surgery. The fields in medicine include diagnostics, internal medicine, and preventive medicine.

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Q: What are the fields in medicine?
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What are different fields of medicine?

There are many different fields of medicine that include specialized areas such as emergency medicine, family and general medicine, and research. Other medical fields include surgery, internal medicine, and pharmacology.

What did Hippocrates specifically contribute to the fields of medicine?

So full definition:Hippocratic Medicine. . . Its called 'Google.'

What are some application of genetic engineering in fields of agriculture and medicine?

some of genetic engineering in Fields of agriculture and medicine are diagnostic tools, gene therapy , and DNA fingerprinting.

How do you get animal medicine on harvest moon?

You can buy Animal Medicine from Horn Ranch (in Flute Fields) for 800 G.

In what field did Hippocrates and Euclid make their greatest achievement?

Hippocrates and Euclid made their greatest achievements in the fields of Mathematics, Medicine, and Engineering.

What fields does Liverpool University have?

Liverpool University offers many fields for students. The university is considered to be a research university. Some examples of fields include medicine, law, and science.

What fields are related to chemistry?

Many fields depend on chemical processes and their improvement: Medicine, biology, and pharmacology. Manufacturing, engineering, energy, and transportation.

It what fields did Euclid and Hippocrates make their greatest achievements?

Euclid mathematics, Hippocrates medicine.

Importance of statistics in medicine?

Statistics in medicine provide people the information to fully understand the usage of a particular treatment or drug. It also helps in monitoring and improving certain fields in medicine.

In which fields of study did the greeks excel during the golden age?

art architecture philosophy medicine

How was greco-roman civilization formed?

They made avances in medicine, math ,engineering and other fields.

A majority of Americans work in fields such as information processing finance medicine and education and these are parts of what?


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