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Q: What are the chances of a 44 year-old becoming pregnant?
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What are the chances of a 44 year old becoming pregnant naturally if she is still ovulating each month?

Assuming that you are releasing a egg every month and have sex when you ovulate, very good.

I live in Kentucky and I am 44 and my girlfriend is 17 what legal problems if any could arise of her becoming pregnant?

You would be marked as a child molester because technically she's still a minor. Also, why would you take the chances?! I mean for petes sake do her parents know she's dating an old dude?! (No offense)

Can a woman get pregnant at age 44?

yes of course she can !

Is 44 too late to get pregnant?

It really just depends on the person

I am 38 weeks pregnant and measuring at 44 cenimeters is that okay?


Can a 61 year old get a 44 year old woman pregnant?


You are 10 DPO and your hcg level is 44 what does this mean?

I would say you are pregnant!!

What are the chances of getting pregnant at 44 years old?

A lot of women manage to do it. However there are extra risks involved for both the woman and the child. it would be best to consult an appropriate physician on this because every person is different and therefore has different risks to deal with.

Your dog is 44 days pregnant will she be ok take antibiotics?

ONLY if the veterinarian prescribes them.

Is Toni Marie Wiseman pregnant and how old is she?

She will be 44 this June...40-somethings CAN have babies!

Can a 44 year old get pregnant?

Well there is the possibility that you can be pregnant if you still get your period. Exxcept when you use contraceptives which can also be uneffective. The best thing to do is not have sex. :)

What are the chances of finding lickitung in route 44 in Pokemon soul silver?

Somewhat rare to find i remember finding it on my second try.

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