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People fall asleep in many different ways. Some of the most effective ways to fall asleep would be in total darkness and total silence. Some other ways for certain people might include ambient noise.

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Q: What are some of the most effective ways to fall asleep?
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How do most people fall asleep?

Most people fall asleep when they are tired at the end of a long day. Having your bedroom dark helps to induce sleep and some people find that reading a book or having something warm to drink such as milk, cocoa or chamomile tea help them to fall asleep easier.

How do people fall asleep?

People fall asleep by relaxing. A person should lay their body down and relax their muscles and mind. Some people use sleep aids to help them fall asleep.

Can you fall asleep in a second?

Have some one knock you out

How do you fall asleep at night?

some people listen to music or some people watch tv until like 9:30 ish and they usually fall asleep.

What are some things that can help you fall asleep?

eating celery

How do you get a baby asleep?

Sing songs to the baby. Some babies fall asleep quick after taking a bath.

What are some help tips for falling asleep?

Some of the most important points to fall asleep is getting comfortable. Some other requirements are a dark and quiet room. Having a warm bath in the afternoon can help too.

How does the brain work when your asleep?

Even when your asleep your brain is still at work. When we fall asleep we go through different stages. Some scientist think that when you fall asleep the brain sorts information it has been receiving during the day. Some information gets rid of and some gets filled in your memories. :)

How do you make a rabbit fall asleep?

some people think if u fold the ears then twist them it'll make them fall asleep. but I've never tried it

How do you get past fluffy?

just play him some music and he will fall asleep

How do ferrets fall asleep in your hands?

Depends on the ferrets personality, some will ferrets will fall asleep in your hands and some won't. Just like some cats and some dogs don't like to be held, you can't make them. One trick for a ferret is after they have fallen asleep in their usual place, if you pick them up carefully, they will usually stay asleep and you can hold them.

What are some of the best remedies to help one fall asleep?

Having a bedtime routine is one way to help yourself fall asleep. There are prescription medicines that your doctor can prescribe to help you fall asleep. You can also try natural herbs like Melatonin.

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