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You can get cancer and much more bad things .

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Q: What are some health problems caused by smoking?
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What are some of the health problems associated with undernutrition?

Scurvy and rickets are some health problems caused by lack of nutrition, but I don't know many more.

What health problems can genetically modified food cause?

Some suspected health problems caused by genetically modified foods are allergies and digestive problems.

What are the health and environment problems caused by ozone depletion?

Some problems are:Skin cancereye cataractAlterationof DNA.

What birth defects could be caused by smoking?


What is the main problem for social inequality?

The main problem for social inequality is health problems. Some very in-dept studies have shown that inequality has caused some major health conditions and problems.

What are four health problems that can develope in smokers?

Smoking has many adverse health effects. Some of these include: bone density loss, COPD, lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Can ear noise be caused by sinus problems?

Some ear noise can be caused by sinus problems, but it is usually a form of "Tinnitus", which is nerve related and can be treated with "Ginkgo Biloba", available from Health Shops!

What are some health problems smoking causes?

shortness of breath lung cancer heart cancer throat cancer mouth cancer bad teeth

Why did you not try smoking?

You may not try smoking as you are afraid you will become addicted and form a habit of smoking regularly. A lot of people are aware of the health issues caused by smoking and may choose to never smoke because of this reason. It's possible that some people just simply aren't interested in smoking too.

What are male sexual health problems?

Some problems might include: * Diverse problems caused by sexually transmitted diseases * Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction * Premature ejaculation * Priapism

Health problem caused by lack of exercise?

When you don't exercise your body can become damaged and ultimately deteriorates. Some health problems that are caused by lack of exercise include diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer.

What are some of the biggest health problems in America?

Obesity related issues (heart disease, diabetes), smoking related problems (lung cancer, emphysema), and alcohol related issues (various liver diseases)

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