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the effects areparanoia, nervousness, insomnia, drug craving.

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Q: What are psychological effects of heroin?
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Does heroin cause a physical or psychological addiction?


Can you use heroin on methadone?

No, the methadone will block the effects of the heroin.

What are Negative psychological effects of homosexuality in India?

There are no negative psychological effects of homosexuality anywhere.

What are psychological effects of load-shedding?

Psychological effects of load shedding is that its has severe effects on society. Specifically on students.

What effects does heroin give you?

Heroin is a downer. From observation of those who have taken it, it seems to have effects similar to alcohol, but more intense.

What are the main heroin effects in women?

Heroin has many effects in both men and women. Some effects of heroin that only effect women are difficulty getting pregnant and having their period at the wrong time or even not at all.

Heroin effects which part of the brain?

your nurotrsmiters

What is the Psychological effects of tourism on people?

Effects on the tourist or the toured?

Why is heroin physically addictive?

== Heroin is an opiate-- that is, it is made from narcotic alkaloids found in opium, or an derivates thereof. Heroin causes delirium, disorientation, and physical and psychological dependence. Asides from the psychological need to imbibe heroin that is associated with psychological dependence, withdrawal symptoms from heroin are unpleasant. Withdrawal symptoms include depression, insomnia, anxiety, excessive sweating, and "itchy blood" (where one compulsively scratches the legs, often breaking the skin and causing scabs). Abruptly stopping the use of heroin can cause the leg muscles to spasm. The withdrawal symptoms may begin in 6-24 hours of discontinuation of heroin's use.

How does heroin effect society?

The effects of heroin on society are awful. Heroin affects society by causing addiction, robberies, murder, and death of the user.

Does culture shock only have psychological effects?

No, other than psychological effects, culture shock has other implications such as insomnia and fear.

What happens when you swallow heroin?

You would still get the effects of the heroin, but it will likely take more to get the same effects. The oral route is not the most efficient way to take it.

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