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It makes your lungs black and its harder to breathe

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Q: What are health problems caused by smoking?
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What are some health problems caused by smoking?

You can get cancer and much more bad things .

What is an example of prevention in relation to health care?

Smoking causes a multitude of health problems, so not smoking prevents health problems.

What does smoking increase the risk of?

smoking increases the risk of cancer, you will get addicted . you will get different problems . smoking is bad for your health . HEALTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Health problems with smoking?

lung cancer and other numerous problems.

What can smoking do to your health?

Smoking can do several harmful things to peoples health. Smoking can cause breathing problems, premature wrinkles, COPD, and lung cancer.

How smoking effects your mental and emotional?

Smoking causes problems in our physical health. This hinders with our emotional and mental health too.

What are the health problems a smoking teen may create?

There are many health problems that can be related to smoking as a teen. One of the most serious is the increase risk of cancer, including lung cancer.

What are two main health issues caused by smoking?

Lung cancer

Why is smoking seldom causes health problems?

Smoking does indeed cause many health problems, but they rarely appear during youth or young adulthood. Serious, chronic and often deadly health problems develop slowly over years of tobacco use.

Which problems with the respiratory can be caused by smoking?

labored breathing, Cancer, Asthma...

Most sudden deathes are caused by a?

They are usually caused by health problems.

Which problems with the respiratory system can be caused by smoking?

labored breathing, Cancer, Asthma...

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