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Is she married?

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2007-09-30 00:15:20
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Q: What are good questions that a guy should ask his girlfriend?
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What is a good question to ask your girlfriend?

Questions should serve useful purposes. A good question to ask is a question to which you would like to know the answer.

Good questions to ask your girlfriend?

how stupid are you what if your girlfriend found you asked this on the internet

What questions should i ask my girlfriend?

things that she would be interested in. if you dont know that just ask her that there you go, one question.

What questions to ask your girlfriend?

when is your birth date

Woh you gift to your girlfriend?

You should ask questions about it but it and try to find hints about what she would really want.

What are some awkward questions to ask you girlfriend?

Why would you want do ask your girlfriend awkward questions? About Periods, Have they ever done this..? Have They ever thought this..? Who was the last person they ..?

Awkward questions to ask your girlfriend?

really you shoul ask your girlfriend any questoins because you shoud be truful

What are some good questions to ask when texting a girl?

you should never ask a girl to many questions because she will think your all up in her business and she will try to avoid you it would be good to let her ask you some questions

How should you get a girlfriend?

Ask her out

Question to ask girlfriend?

You should ask questions because you're genuinely interested, not because you think questions should be asked.Ask her questions to get to know her, ask her about stuff she's got going on and things she's doing.Since I don't know your girlfriend, you can make them a lot more personal than I ever could. She wouldn't want random generic questions like "what's your favourite colour?" Anyway.So to sum up: be creative and personal, and ask questions because you're genuinely interested and not because you feel like you're obligated to ask stuff.

What are 3 good questions to ask your teacher?

what do you mean? if you dont understand something then you should ask your teacher on that and have them help you.

What are 20 good questions to ask a guy?

that is a trick question, the only question you should ask him is, " another beer?"

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