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Stage two of the ISSA drawing in phase is data collection.

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Q: Stage two of the ISSA drawing in phase is?
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Stage two of the ISSA drawing-in phase is?

Stage two of the ISSA drawing in phase is data collection.

What is the difference between two phase and double sampling?

what is the difference betwee two stage and two phase sampling

What stage is the heterokaryotic phase of a fungal life cycle?

The heterokaryotic phase is the stage in which hyphae contain two, genetically different, haploid nuclei.

What is the first phase of prenatal development?

First Stage: The first two weeks after conception are known as the Germinal stage. Second Stage: The next six weeks of development are known as the Embryonic stage. Third Stage: The remainder of prenatal development is known as the Fetal stage.

Does phase means semester?

No Phase means a stage or part whereas Semester means divided into two six month sessions

The stage of cell division in which a cell divides into two daughter cells is called?

mitotic phase

Which stage of mitosis do centrioles replicate?

InterphaseIt is the G2 phase of interphase.Now there are two pairs of centrioles

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The mitotic phase characterized by the formation of two nuclei and separation of the daughter cells is telophase. It is the last stage of mitosis.

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Telophase: Cytokinesis occurs during meiosis and mitosis and is the stage at which the cytoplasm and surface membrane of the two cells divides, and the cells are distinguishable as separate.As a stage of the cell cycle, cytokinesis occurs at the end of mitosis/meiosis, and as a phase of mitosis/meiosis, it is itself a phase.

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