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Ideally no, however, a person can wear underwear depending on whether they are excreting below, in some shape or form such as wet dreams or period blood.

Depends on personal choice if you want to wear underwear do.

I'm a boy of 13 and I always wear briefs under my pajamas. They are helpful if you have wet dreams, but they're also good for keeping you comfortable. I sleep better knowing everything's tucked in. Obviously put clean ones on before school the next day though!

studies have shown that going without underwear improves sleeping habits, because it is more comfortable, and you feel more independent and free. Scientists monitoring dreams found that people wearing underwear are 5% more likely to get bad dreams about going somewhere naked (although this is slightly ironic.) Studies also show that you are 99% more likely to have a baby if you aren't wearing underwear then if you are. Hope this helps! :)

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Q: Should you wear underwear with pajamas?
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What should a kid wear to sleep?

clean underwear, clean pajamas, and no socks

Should boys wear long underwear as pajamas?

Yes especially if they for some reason don't have pajamas at all

What do llamas wear to bed?

strawberry shortcake underwear (:

Man should wear underwear or not?

Yes. You should wear underwear!!

Why did girls ware undereare?

Why do girls wear underwear? The question should not be "why do they wear underwear", it should say," the girls should wear underwear for their protection and their integrity.

Do most people wear underwear under pajamas?

The wearing of underwear under pjs is a matter of personal preference. They wear whatever is comfortable for them. Then too, it depends on why they are wearing pajamas. Most people here in the west use pjs mainly for sleeping and may or may not wear underwear with them. However there are some cultures that wear pjs as lounging attire at home and these people more than likely would wear underwear beneath the pajama.

What should you wear on the weekends?


Do Amish women wear underwear to bed?

Unless the Amish have doctrines that determine this, which is unlikely, some Amish women may wear underwear to bed and some may not. It's likely that they wear pajamas to bed and wearing underwear to bed is a personal choice.

How do you use pajamas in sentence?

Not everyone sleeps in pyjamas, some people like to just wear underwear instead.

What something men wear when they go outside to get the morning newspaper?

robe slippers underwear pajamas pants and a hat

Should men wear underwear at the weekend?

i never wear underwear at the weekend and neither does my freind, were only 8! we do wear underwear at school though.

What should a boy do to wear girls underwear unnoticed?

Wear pants over top of the underwear.

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