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I think that girls should start shaving their legs when they start to notice dark hair on their legs. If your like me it will happen at age 11. I always hated showing my legs, I lived in pants. If your scared that they will get boo-boos always stock up on band-aids. Good Luck!!

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Q: Should you shave your legs at age 11?
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What is the age to start shaving legs?

I believe that girls should start to shave their legs when they enter middle school. this means between 5th and 6th grade. Different answer: you should shave your legs when you get permission from your parents (normal age is between 11 and 13) Newest answer: There is no age when you should start! You should start when you want too and there is a lot of hair but I would say like 12-13 years old. Ten year old girls should not shave their legs though. That's too young. Another answer Ask your mother at the time when you feel you are ready to shave your legs.

Can a 4 year old shave her hairy legs?

No, 4 year olds should not shave their legs wait until they are at least 8 or 9 There is no need for them to shave their legs at that age, I think they shouldn't until they are 11.

What age should a girl start to shave her legs?

Well, not before age 11. I think no later than 14. Ask your mom, sister or a trusted adult for advice. I would ask them at around age 12, though.

How often should a eleven year old girl shave her legs?

Honestly, I don't think an 11 year old should be shaving already. But if you have the go ahead from your mom, then you should do it whenever you need it. Like every morning after shaving my legs I run my hand down my legs. If I feel fuzzies, I know I need to shave again.

Can you be ten to shave your legs?

yes, i am 11, and i shaved my legs since i was 10. .................................................................................... yes, but be careful :) once you start shaving your legs its hard to stop. When i was your age i used hair removal cream on my legs works the same but you dont have to use a blade. xxx

When should you start shaving?

It depends on where you are shaving. For females who want to shave underarm hair then they should do it as soon as they see it, if they want to shave their legs I would say around 11 or 12. For man who want to start shaving they can do it as soon as it is visible.

Can you shave your crotch if your 11 years of age?

You should NOT shave you're crotch at any age boy or girl .It doesn't matter if it's hairy and no other ----- has hair there we don't grow the same at the same time eighter

Is it bad to shave your legs at 11 years old?

Yes because it can harm your legs and that's when the leg hair grows BRB.

What age should you start to shave?

When you are at least 11 12 13 sometimes ten check if they have hair in the bikini area.if they do its check 1. next is arm pitt hair/leg hair. that is check 2 is there age. now if they hit there period well or about to let them shave if they will start there period its whan they get cramps around there waist but whole different question I started shaving my legs when I was 10 and then my armpits at 11..

Should 11 year old shave?

i think she should start shaving. I am 11 years old and don't shave because i am too nervous to ask my mom. but i want to shave really badly!

Do 11 year old girls have to shave their arms?

It all depends! It does not matter at what age you shave, it really doesnt! My 11 year old daighter, Shyla has a lot of arm/leg hair, and realy hates it' she never shoes her arms or legs, and its becoming a problem :0 my 9 yesr old Gabie is also shy of her arms and legs . I let them both shave , but we use special creams, like Olay and Nair. So, my opinion is, AGE doesnt matter! If you have any questions, leave them below ! I am a pediatric at the Child Care Center! Good bye

Mom and dad won't let you shave your legs and they are hairy and you have asked them A LOT of times and still a no and said it's not a proper age then what is?

cut the hair off your legs with scissors!!!!!!! (just kidding) if your parents dont think your ready then that means you can't sorry!!!!!!! cover your big ugly legs with pants Id say 11-14 is a decent age to start

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