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It may do, especially if the fever is due to an infectious illness. As a fever rises, the patient feels very cold and wants lots of blankets. As the fever breaks, the patient begins to sweat and complains of feeling hot. The purpose of a fever is to help the body to fight the infecting germs. Germs like ordinary body temperatures and die off when the temperature goes up. It may take several fever cycles for the germs to be overcome and the patient's health to return to normal. During the fever cycle, the patient must have lots of extra fluids to drink, but it isn't too important that they eat, as long as they are drinking enough. You know if the patient is having enough fluids if their urine is a light straw colour. If the urine is dark, they need to be pushed to drink more. This is especially important in babies, children and the elderly. There are other causes of fevers other than infectious illnesses, and they include certain cancers and heat prostration.

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Q: Once a fever has broken will it return?
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