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If there are two lines, no matter how faint the second one is, it is a positive result.

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Q: On the first response pregnancy test what does it mean when the first line is light pink and the second is dark pink?
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How long does it take to tell if a women is pregnant?

I took a First Response pregnancy test nine days after conception, not late for my period yet, and it was a very light positive, about 30 seconds later than the prescribed time. This happened with the second test I did a few minutes later as well. I was really pregnant.

How long does light bleeding in early pregnancy last?

Light bleeding in the first few weeks of pregnancy is also called implantation bleeding. It can last anywhere from 1 to 7 days. It will be extremely light if it is indeed implantation bleeding. Women can experience very light "periods" during the first 6 months of pregnancy.

The phototropic response to light occurs where?

does phototropism plants response to light

Is a light nauseous feeling a sign of pregnancy?

It may be the first few days of pregnancy, but they come much often later.

What is a plants response to light or gravity called?

a "tropism"; geotropism for response to gravity and phototropism for response to light

Which trimester of pregnancy does a baby begin to move in?

The second trimester is when movement can be felt by the mother, however movement begins in the first trimester but is small and light enough for the mother not to be able to feel it

Is a plant growing towards light a response or stimulus?

Response. The stimulus is the light.

Which parts of the plants show positive and negative response of light?

The shoot shows positive response to light and the root shows negative response to light.

How can you combine separated lights by a prism?

Add a second prism to combine the light. The first prism separates the light and the second prism combines the light.

What is the Response of eye to bright light?

The response of the of the eye to bright light is called a reflex action.

What does it mean when a Pregnancy Test shows a light dot in first window and a dark line in the second window?

It sounds like you are pregnant. Read the instructions of the test. It should tell you what is a positive result and what is a negative.

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