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Probably a gynecomastia. Very common, usually goes away. Just sucks for a while.

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Q: Lump under a 13 year old boys nipple that is painful?
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Is it natural to have a lump under one nipple?

A lump under one or both nipples is common in early puberty for both boys and girls. If you are not in puberty, a lump under one nipple deserves a checkup.

Is nipple soreness a sign of puberty for boys?

A lump or tenderness in one or both nipples is a very common finding in boys and girls going through puberty.

When should ball under boys nipple disappear?

when they are done pubertie

What does it mean when a lump in a boys nipple first appeared when he was 10 years old but then went away Now he is 14 and that lump is back is the same right nipple What is it?

It could be a condition called Gynaecomastia, caused by hormonal changes. Always best to see a GP though!

How serious is it when a fifteen year old male finds a lump under his nipple area and another just above the nipple area?

Answer I'm a 34 year old male.. not a doctor but I too had this condition at this age. I was told it was part of my body maturing, and that some boys get this and some don't. I think it has a name, but I'm not sure of it now, but it deals with when boys start to grow breasts.

Is it normal for your 12 year old sons nipples to hurt?

Well I actually had the same problem when I was 12 you know. It was like a lump underneath it and it hurt but it went away. Ask your son if he feels a lump. ************** Often boys will develop a small bit of breast tissue immediately under the nipple with the onset of puberty called gynecomastia. This is simply due to all the surge in hormones. This can affect one nipple or both, and can be tender to touch. This is very normal and will typically resolve in ~months.

Is their a lump on the back of a boys head?

it depends

What do bad boys get for Christmas?

A lump of coal

What is the feeling of girls if they see nipple of boys?


Lump under 15 year old boys right nipple?

It could be a sist, or if the boy is a little over weight, a fat deposit. I would get it checked out by a doctor though just in case. Men are less likely to get breast cancer, because there is less growth and tissue in that area, but it is still possible.

How do boys play with girls breasts?

You want to lick lightly around the nipple an then dot your tongue on the nipple itself. Then lick, and suck hard on the nipple, and bite the nipple mildly a couple of times.

What if your nipple changes to roundish?

It is normal for the nipple shape to change during puberty (in both boys and girls) and during pregnancy. If your nipple is changing at other times, see your health care provider.

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